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Website is an essential part of growing your business, website gives your business a 24/7 online presence, this is why the need for it cannot be overemphasized.

Small and medium-scale businesses need a well-designed website to give their business a face.

How To Go About It.

You do not need to know how to code before you can build websites for clients, you can simply make use of a no-code platform to design websites for your clients

Getting Started!

Learn how to design a website with WordPress, Bubble, and Drupal

What Next?
  • Find clients that need your services and pitch to them.
  • If you want to make cool cash from it, focus on getting your clients in the US or Uk, they pay well in Dollars.
  • Don’t be an all in all designer, you can pick a niche and focus on it, for example, you can be developing websites for clients that own law firms in the Uk or the US, there are thousands of them who need a website design and redesign.

GoodNews: You can learn how to develop premium websites without touching a single line of code, it’s a practical and demystified approach to building industry-standard websites for clients, we will also show you how to get clients for your services. The course will be available soon.

Cost of Startup

You will have to develop a good website for your agency to showcase your services and all you do, also to showcase your previous completed jobs. In this case, you need to buy hosting and domain to build the website for your agency.

Marketing Strategies

Organic Method: Organic Marketing strategy is an effective method that helps you to create awareness for your brand. Though it’s effective, it takes time for one to see results.

You can build organic traffic through Quora, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Linkedin

Paid Advertising: If done correctly, this is the best method you can use to get clients for your business. Facebook/Instagram and Youtube advertisements are great ways to get clients.

Tips: Use both organic and paid marketing for your Social Media Agency business for better results.

Pros and Cons: Website Design Agency is a very lucrative business, but requires that you put in the effort that is needed.

Estimated Monthly Revenue: Depending on your strategy, this business has the potential of making you at least $1000 to 1500 monthly.

If you get 4 clients monthly at $600 each, that’s $2400 monthly

Estimated Monthly Cost: You should budget at least $200 for advertisement if you want to see great results.


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