Affiliate Marketing Empire


Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make money online at the moment, it involves you selling other people’s products and making money from them. The owner of the product will give you a commission which sometimes is as high as 50%

You don’t need to create a product or worry about logistics or anything else, just promote and make sales.

How To Go About It.

There are many affiliate platforms both locally and internationally, the international affiliate platforms like ClickBank, JvZoo, and Commission Junction pay in the Dollar while a local platform like Expertnaire pays in Naira, However, they are all very lucrative.

Getting Started!

Go to the above websites and register, few of the international platforms don’t allow people from Africa to register, so you may have to settle for the local platform.

What Next?
  • After registration, pick a product and get the affiliate link and start promoting
  • You can have more than one product to promote.
  • Make sure you are promoting a reputable product or product that is solving real problems.

Cost of Startup

Some platforms allow the user to register for free, while a platform like Expertnaire requires that you register with about N10,000 which is also a good thing.

Marketing Strategies

Organic Method: Organic Marketing strategy is an effective method that allows you to grow organically, it helps to create awareness for your brand. Though it’s effective, it also takes time for one to see results.

You can build organic traffic through Quora, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Linkedin

Paid Advertising: If done correctly, this is the best method you can use to get sales for your business. Facebook/Instagram and Youtube advertisements are the best to sell your affiliate products.

Tips: Use both organic and paid marketing for your Social Media Agency business for better result.

Pros and Cons: Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative business, but requires that you put in the effort that is needed.

Estimated Monthly Revenue: Depending on your strategy, this business has the potential of making you at least $800 to 1500 monthly.

Estimated Monthly Cost: You should budget at least $200 for advertisement if you want to see great results.


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