Startup Name: Keble

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Keble is a platform that provides accessible and affordable real estate options for young Africans at home and in the diaspora. Theyโ€™re democratizing the benefits of Real Estate investing, creating a safe and stable means for Africans to grow wealth in confidence


It enables Africans at home and abroad to purchase fractional shares of global real estate for as low as $10.

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They connect their users to premium property investment options in the Global Real Estate Market, helping them save, invest, and diversify their portfolios.

Keble was founded by Emmanuel Oballa, Agulanna Josemaria, Adebisi Borokinni and Valentine Offiah

Globally, real estate is worth over 300 trillion dollars. Keble is changing this narrative with its suite of solutions and impacting the lives of Africans along the way.


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