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Content is king and as such a lot of small businesses need great content for their social media, content, and design that will resonate with their brands and vision. Hence the need for a graphic designer.

The most interesting thing about becoming a graphic designer is that you can start with your smartphone. There are so many great mobile apps you can download and start learning graphic designing with ease.

How To Go About It.

Start a Graphic Design Agency and start creating great designs for small businesses online. Learn how to use some of the following tools.

Download the apps on your smartphone, master them and you are good to go.

Getting Started!

Create an Instagram account for your agency, then start creating amazing designs about your expertise on the account for like 20 days.

What Next?
  • Render your service for free for few clients in return for testimonials.
  • Reach out to about 10 businesses daily on Instagram and offer them your service.
  • Go on Fiverr and Upwork to render your service
  • Rinse and Repeat

Cost of Startup

This kind of business requires no capital to start, Take out your smartphone and download the above-listed tools and then learn how to use them all.

Be creative and learn to tell stories with your designs.

Marketing Strategies

Organic Method: Organic Marketing strategy is an effective method that allows you to grow organically, it helps with your SEO and backlinks. Though it’s effective, it also takes time for one to see results.

You can build organic traffic through Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

This method is good to build a solid audience for your brand on Social media

Paid Advertising: If done correctly, this is the best method you can use to create brand awareness for your graphic Design Agency and get clients that will pay you. Facebook/Instagram and Youtube advertisements are the best to create awareness for your brand.

Tips: Use both organic and paid marketing for your Graphic Design Agency business for better results.

Pros and Cons: Graphic Design Agency is a very good business for you to earn great revenue, but it requires that you put in the effort before you can achieve your goal. It’s not a get-rich-quick model, it requires consistency.

Estimated Monthly Revenue: Depending on the number of clients you get monthly, this business has the potential of making you at least $500 to 1500 monthly.


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