How I Make Over 10 Million Naira Monthly By Selling Digital Products – Caleb Nwanneka

Tell us about yourself and what you’re working on now.

My name is Caleb and I am an internet marketer.

As an internet marketer, what do you do?

As an internet marketer, I sell digital products online and I create products that people can also sell as an affiliate.

Awesome. Tell us your story about how you got started, was it all rosy?

This wasn’t how I started. The first time I made money online was in 2018 and I made money from a news website. I used part of my school fee to register for it back then and after registering, I made some money from it. After I made that money, I realized that people can actually make money online. As a student, it was a whole lot of money because I made about N15,000 a month. The second month, I tried to make more money but the stuff crashed.

I decided to start a blog with the 15k I made the first month so I contacted some guys online and they got a domain for me. It was all new to me. I got tired at some point because I wasn’t getting anything from it. There was one Ponzi scheme that came out at that time and I was interested but I didn’t have the complete money to register. The registration fee was N1,800 but I only had 1,000 so I contacted a friend of mine who gave me 800. I started and I made about N50,000 in a month. That one crashed and I kept on moving from one Ponzi site to another and I made about N300,000.

I made up my mind to start a company with it because I didn’t want to waste the money. I started a company that connects skilled and unskilled workers to people that need their services. I was new to business in general and there was no proper planning so it collapsed. I lost all I had back then. I thought of another business and something came to my mind. I knew how to book games at bet shops and all of that. I went on Facebook and Whatsapp to start booking games for people and I made a reasonable amount from it. Covid’19 came and football stopped so I was looking for another escape route.

I bought a course on mini importation back then but mini importation has ended because of Covid. So I started an online course on mini importation, I did it on Facebook and Whatsapp and a lot of people joined. I also taught graphic design and animation and I made money from it as well. 

Nwanneka Caleb

At some point I was banned on Whatsapp, I couldn’t register for Whatsapp with my number so I got tired. I came across a course on Twitter and it was about internet marketing. I bought the course and I started but it wasn’t an easy journey. With time I started making money from about N100,000 and it started increasing to something really reasonable.

That was when my eyes opened to internet marketing. I kept on doing what I was doing to the extent that I started making about N5,000,000 to N10,000,000 in a month. So I thought of doing the work of a product creator because I felt there will be more profit from it. I moved from being an affiliate marketer to a digital product creator. Right now, I am a product creator.

Wow. You just took us through a journey and it’s really amazing. You’ve really shown that there’s a process to it and you really need to learn. So, tell us how difficult the learning process was.

It was not very difficult though. At some point, I was working very hard but money wasn’t coming in. The fact is that you can do everything right but you need to have patience. I was really patient with what I was doing and it helped me. For you to do something great you have to go through a process.

Being a digital product creator wasn’t an easy task. It took me more than two months to learn before I could actually get everything done.

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Incredible. What are the marketing strategies you use as a digital product creator?

Right now I use Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram Ads and WhatsApp marketing. I do live webinars as well.

Awesome. What is your revenue like in a month?

I do eight figures.

Eight figures start from 10 million Naira and you make that in a month. If there’s anyone reading this and wants to get started whether as an affiliate or a digital creator, what are the strategies that the person can use?

The thing is that there’s no particular strategy. The thing is just get your thing right, keep testing and look for ways to do it better. Keep finding out what works and what doesn’t work. There’s no one way and there are so many things that can work. Set your goals and work towards them.

Fantastic. What advice do you have for people that are about to get into the digital world and for those that are into it and are still struggling?

One sure piece of advice is that whatever you want to do in the digital world is very possible. If you find one thing that works for it just stick to it and make the best out of it.

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