From a Broke First-class Graduate to Making 5 Million Naira Monthly Through Online Business

Tell us about yourself

My name is Victory DM; I own an Ad agency where we basically use Facebook and Instagram to promote businesses. I recently just graduated from the University with a first-class honors. I started my agency while in school, when I was in my fourth year. I’ve been running ads for other businesses and I’ve also been hosting a lot of trainings to teach young Nigerians how they can actually start running ads and getting paid for this skill. That’s basically what I’ve been doing so far and lastly, I’ve been able to grow my business from six figures to eight figures.

How_victoryDM_is Making_5million_naira_monthly
How exactly did you get started?

The idea of starting an agency was when I realized how lucrative that skill was. I got to know about Facebook and Instagram Ads when I got physical product business, I was basically selling phone accessories to fellow students and people I could find around, I was looking for ways to promote this business online. I realized that most physical businesses promote their business through pleading with families and friends and pleading with people around to buy from them, they don’t have any competitive advantage.

I was actually looking for ways to promote my business without begging anyone. But people don’t know that there are lots of ways to do that and they’re comfortable with the average way of promoting their business but I was not. That was when I discovered Facebook advert, where I could just create a post about my own products and services and I could pay the platform to help me reach out to a large amount of persons that are interested in this stuff.

The best part was that I could target the type of people that I’m looking for. That was when I realized that Facebook Ad is a very powerful tool where I can reach out to a large amount of people, do a video of my products, sell my products and at the same time make money from it and help people alongside. You can actually do a low-key business and also make a lot of money without people knowing. I was Facebook Ad to promote my own business until I realized that lots of business owners need this skill.

There’s a high demand in this skill and lots of business owners are looking for competent people to promote their businesses but very few people can get the result. We understand that where there’s high demand people will make whole lots of money because the demand is higher than the supply. That was how I got to start my agency.

You graduated with a first-class and you were broke while in school. Can you tell us how broke you were and how you managed to still graduate with a first-class?

I was staying in one of the worse places when I was in 100L. The only money I had was the little that comes from home and it was just for survival. The point from my year one is that, when you have limited resources don’t think about what is outside your capacity, think about what is directly within your control. Before I gained admission, I knew I wanted to graduate with a first class and I wanted to make money while in school. There were things that were not within my capacity, I wanted to get a private space to myself to concentrate on my business and I didn’t have huge capital.

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I had time because I was broke. I could study my books to get my first-class; I could borrow books from people and study for exam. I could also focus on learning some skills online. I started with YouTube, YouTube is a free platform and it doesn’t charge. I also learnt programming in my 100L. You need to look within the resources that you have and one of the valuable resources that you have when you’re broke Is time. You need to allocate your time to do things that will help you achieve results.

I begin to search for opportunities when I was in 200L. I was searching for scholarship opportunities. There are lots of oil companies in Delta state that are willing to sponsor your education. I was also working in a health product company; we look for shops, adults that we can sell to.

How much does your agency roughly make in a month?

In terms of revenue we are doing close to 5million Naira (#5,000,000) monthly

How many people do you have working for you?

We are about seven in number.

To the young guys out there, what message do you have for them?

Set clear target of what you want to achieve in life. Secondly, start with the resources you have within your control, don’t procrastinate things with the excuse of not having stuffs. Constantly improve with time and keep expanding with the resources you have within your control so that you can get the results that you are actually looking for.

Keep being relentless and keep putting in the work. Switch the objectives if you need to but the overall goal should still remain.

For those that has no idea of how this whole thing work and have been looking forward to start a business, can you pick an imaginary product and sell it to us within few second?

Let me start with an online training. When it comes to you selling an online training, you could start with a business model called affiliate marketing. I am recommending this because it is actually very fast to see results with affiliate marketing.

You can register on an affiliate platform and you ought to get proper training and guidance on how to promote the product. You can earn as much as six figures selling online courses. Affiliate marketing is like the fastest way you can actually build a business.

Awesome. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to have your own products, you can pick a product online and start making money.

Exactly, you can leverage on the knowledge on who created the product and you can make money too.

Perfect, this is the power of online business and the technology we have in our hands now. Finally, what exactly are you working on now?

I have a program where I want to show thousands of young Nigerians how they can learn this skill that changed my own life called Facebook and Instagram advertising where they can learn this skill in a matter of 4-6 weeks and actually get equipped with the knowledge they need to start running ads for businesses and to start making their 500k monthly doing this service. I will be hosting it very soon.

I will grant free access to the training for people from here. If you’d like to be part of that training just send the word FOUNDER STORY to this number on Whatsapp (09166601776).

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