Founder Profile: Oreoluwa Shonibare

Oreoluwa Shonibare is the Co-founder and CEO of WiiCreate; a brand that helps startups and companies source and ship custom branded boxes with the use of technology.

He’s the last born of 3 and a graduate of Mass Communication from Bowen University.

Oreoluwa Shonibare
How He Started

The idea of WiiCreate was the dream of Donald Onwochei, a student at Covenant University, who sold t-shirts and other custom merchandise to students in his school.

Oreoluwa was also doing a similar business in his school, and when Donald was about to graduate from university, he put out a tweet that he was looking for a co-founder to build a bigger business with, which Oreoluwa saw on his timeline.

The rest is history.

Obstacles and Future Plans

Funding and Focus were the biggest challenges he had when he started WiiCreate. WiiCreate kicked off with savings of N200,000.

He made sure growth was the backbone of the business and this attracted more funding.

One major thing that helped them overcome the challenges was prioritizing the growth of the business for as long as was needed.

His business goal for the future is to make WiiCreate be the biggest merchandising company in Africa serving thousands of companies across the continent.

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His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Start with what you have, do not wait for the perfect time. There is no perfect time for starting. Just do it. Test the idea, if it works, scale it. If it doesn’t, check around for competition that is thriving, assess their business, and do some experiments.

Learn more than you earn for as long as possible; it would help you stay ahead of the curve.

You can connect with Oreoluwa on Twitter and Medium.

Learn more about WiiCreate on their website.

Click HERE to read his full story.

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