Founder Profile: Donald Meckanzy Okaragba

Donald Meckanzy Okaragba is the Co-founder of MeckHealth; a digital health company that’s focused on patient safety and working to reduce medical errors by at least 60%.

He has a background in Mechanical Engineering.

Founder Story
Donald Meckanzy Okaragba
How He Started

Sometime in 2020, Donald visited the hospital as he wasn’t feeling too well. When he got there, they couldn’t find his file, so he had to wait for hours. Eventually, a new file was opened for him.

When it was time for him to see the doctor, the doctor just asked him questions without touching him or taking any blood samples. He then wondered why he had to wait for hours just for the doctor to be able to diagnose him by asking questions.

He then thought to himself to create an app that can assist doctors.

He believed that medical records should already be digitized instead of having paper files that take time to find.

That’s how he birthed the idea of MeckHealth.


For Donald, it’s about mindset.

When he closed their very first deal in a hospital, it was a rainy day. He walked into the hospital and asked to see the medical director, but was told that he was busy and won’t be able to see him till he was done with the patients.

So, he stood waiting for like 5 hours till the medical director stormed out angrily and complained to the nurses for making someone wait that long.

The medical director then asked him if he was sick and Donald said yes. It wasn’t until he got into the medical director’s office that he then pitched his idea.

Eventually, he was able to close the deal. His first deal.

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