Founder Profile: Ability Elijah

Ability Elijah is a UI/UX Designer. He is the Co-founder of Smuv, a design agency focused on research, strategy, UI/UX, and product development, which was co-launched with Light Nduka, his Co-founder.

How He Started

Elijah dropped out of varsity some years back due to financial constraints, and since then, he has worked on different ideas and launched a few businesses which are now defunct.

He used to run a music distribution business, Caketunes which went bankrupt and was shut down due to a lack of extra capital and inability to raise more cash from investors.

After the failure of Caketunes, he fully made his way into the creative design space, and then earlier this year (2020), he co-launched a Design agency, which goes by the name Smuv Design Agency, with his co-founder, Light Nduka. His passion for perfection is one of the main reasons why he started Smuv.

The core offering of Smuv is design, covering user experience, interface design, and branding, while development comes at the center of the project. Their reason for this is that there are so badly-designed apps with the worst experience in the Nigerian market, so Smuv was created to help curb as many bad designs as possible, install great experiences and then watch as those businesses take a step higher into capturing users, and doubling sales.

Obstacles and Future Plans

Elijah’s biggest challenge so far has been the sacrifices and sleepless nights that come with being an entrepreneur, but he claims this has made him a much stronger individual.

His business goal is for Smuv to be one of the biggest and highly sought-after design agencies in Nigeria and also to expand its staff base.

His Recommended Books

Read His Full Story Here: Behind the growth of Smuv, a creative and design agency

His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to get started as an entrepreneur, my advice to you is that you are wasting too much time. Just do it! As for those that are new in the business like me. The road is tough but the future is bright. And lastly, networking in any business niche is very key to success.

You can connect with Elijah on Linkedin.

Learn more about Smuv on their Website.

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