Bingtellar Launches Revolutionary Instant Crypto-to-Fiat Conversion Service

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Lagos, Nigeria – August 21, 2023 – Nigerian blockchain payments startup, Bingtellar, proudly announces the debut of its groundbreaking instant crypto-to-fiat conversion service. This cutting-edge solution empowers individuals and businesses to seamlessly engage in cryptocurrency transactions, effortlessly buying and selling digital assets while receiving payments in their local currencies.

Since its inception in 2021, Bingtellar has pioneered real-time crypto-to-fiat conversions, ensuring users have access to immediate liquidity in their preferred local currency. Leveraging a robust payment infrastructure, Bingtellar has bridged the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, transforming complex transactions into streamlined processes that can be completed in less than three minutes.

Founder and visionary behind Bingtellar, Joshua Tebepina, explains the driving force behind this innovation: “With the increasing prominence of cryptocurrencies, the demand for flexible transactions like paying for goods and services or funding bank accounts from crypto wallets has surged. Our goal was to eliminate the time-consuming delays associated with such transactions. Conventional payment systems often take 24-72 hours to remit funds from a crypto wallet to a fiat account, which can be quite inconvenient for instant transfers.”

A significant factor contributing to this inefficiency is the involvement of third-party intermediaries. Some platforms necessitate users to first convert their cryptocurrency to fiat in a designated wallet on the cryptocurrency platform before transferring funds to a bank account.

Tebepina adds, “Bingtellar addresses these challenges by offering a seamless platform that enables transactions within three minutes without third-party involvement. We recognized the need for a hassle-free, rapid solution, and we’re proud to deliver on that promise.”

Driven by user demand and guided by a vision of innovation, Bingtellar has already successfully processed over US$300,000 in transactions, signaling a promising trajectory for growth. The startup is actively raising a pre-seed round to further enhance its capabilities and expand its reach.

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Tebepina reflects on Bingtellar’s journey, “Our growth has exceeded expectations, and the feedback from users has been nothing short of remarkable. What started as a personal endeavor to address challenges faced by friends using P2P exchanges has now evolved into a game-changing solution. We are excited to witness the impact we’re making.”

Currently accessible exclusively in Nigeria, Bingtellar has ambitious plans for expansion across other African countries in the near future. Tebepina shares, “We’re actively testing our beta payment payouts in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Our unwavering commitment to top-tier user experience and customer service is driving our meticulous approach to expansion.”

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