10 Mobile Tools to Help You Create A Great Brand

Building an extraordinary brand from scratch isn’t an easy task. In fact, kudos to the entrepreneurs out there who have been able to build an awesome brand identity.

In this article, I’ll share a few mobile tools which can simplify your tasks in creating a great brand.

These are very simple tools to use, no complexities involved.

Here are the mobile tools:


Canva is used to design beautiful graphics. It is arguably the best mobile design tool. This app is very simple to use and yet you can design like a professional Graphic Designer with it.


Hootsuite is another very essential must-have mobile tool. Are you the kind of person that is trying to maximize your time by doing different tasks at once, then you must have this. You can use this to schedule different contents to post automatically at whatever time you want to your various social media platforms.


InShot is simply a tool to merge pictures and videos, create photo collages. You can also use this to crop and edit videos. This is a utility tool which can always come in handy.


With Lightroom CC, you should have no issue bandying around low-quality images. This is one of the best photo editors you can ever come across. It has many awesome features with which you can use to edit your images.


If you always have to juggle different tasks, that you at times forget which task to do at a particular time, then Trello comes highly recommended. This is an awesome app that helps you organize your activities, and also helps you plan yourself.


I’m sure you know this already, but nevertheless, I still felt the need to add it to this list. There are times a flash of knowledge just comes to our mind, but we fail to note it down, then later, we tend to forget it. This is why having this tool is so important, you can use it to jot down many things, or to even plan out strategies, and also do some rough work.


Unfold is a tool that can step up your game when it comes to Instagram stories.  You can create aesthetic Instagram stories with just a click, and it’s also super easy to use.


I’m pretty sure you know LinkedIn already, you even have a profile there, but the reason I’m adding this is that many people aren’t tapping into the potential of this platform. This is a platform that connects you to other entrepreneurs and founders, and there is nothing more important than building a strong network with people of like minds.


Snapseed works just the same way as Lightroom CC, the only difference just being that Lightroom CC has some premium packages which you have to pay for to access them, but all the features in this tool are totally free to use.


Nichi helps you in creating beautiful layouts for Instagram stories. You can use this to create extraordinary stories and even cover headlines.

There you have it, awesome tools that are very simple to use and which can ease your task in creating or running your brand. It is not just limited to these tools, in fact, they are exhaustive, but this should keep you up and running.

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