She Ditched Law School And Built A Multimillion Dollar SaaS Business

Once embarrassed by her unconventional name, Jasmine Star‘s journey has blossomed into a remarkable tale of entrepreneurial resilience and empowerment. Born to a free-spirited mother, she embraced her name’s uniqueness, embodying the same spirit in her ventures. As the CEO and co-founder of Social Curator, Jasmine thrives as a speaker, podcaster, and visionary leader.

Her story unfolds against the backdrop of a diverse heritage, as the daughter of Mexican and Puerto Rican immigrants who fell in love on the streets of East Los Angeles. Jasmine’s path led her from homeschooling to an academic scholarship at Whittier College and UCLA Law School. Yet, her life took a transformative turn when her mother’s brain cancer relapsed during Jasmine’s first year of law school, triggering her own battle with depression.

Amidst personal challenges, Jasmine’s determination ignited a chain of transformative decisions. Fueled by her mother’s regrets and inspired by love, she left law school, pursued photography, and launched a successful career. Her journey was not linear—she shifted from photography to teaching, consulting, and creating content, all while navigating uncharted territories with resilience.

Social Curator‘s genesis emerged as a membership platform, offering resources, courses, and a vibrant community for overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Jasmine’s willingness to ask “dumb questions” led her to delve into tech, co-founding the company with her husband JD. The platform’s evolution culminated in its transition to a SaaS subscription, seamlessly integrating with social platforms and aiding business owners in navigating the complex world of digital marketing.

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Central to Social Curator’s growth strategy is the power of content. It’s not just about tools but about education and community. Jasmine’s philosophy is clear: provide resources, tutorials, and a safe space for entrepreneurs to discuss trends, algorithms, and successes.

Through a blend of tutorials, daily challenges, and user-friendly scheduling tools, Social Curator empowers users to take action.

While Jasmine’s journey has seen ups and downs, she remains committed to growth. Her recent upgrade of the Social Curator platform reflects her dedication to product excellence and user feedback. Despite challenges, Jasmine’s focus on content, consistency, and learning has driven her success. She shares her wisdom through podcasts, interviews, and social media, underlining the importance of consistency and personal branding in entrepreneurship.

As Jasmine’s story continues to unfold, she not only uplifts her business but also inspires a community of entrepreneurs to embrace their passions, confront challenges, and create their own unique paths to success.

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