Meet the man behind 3 unicorns

Meet Supam Maheshwari, the visionary behind FirstCry ($4 billion), XpressBees ($1.2 billion), and GlobalBees ($1.12 billion).

Starting his journey fresh out of IIM Ahmedabad, Supam launched Brainvisa Technologies in 2000. This e-learning platform catered to over 500,000 students, laying the groundwork for his future billion-dollar ventures. Which also led to long-lasting bonds with his co-founders, Nitin Agarwal and Amitava Saha.

In 2010, Supam identified a gap in the Indian baby product market, giving rise to FirstCry. The hybrid retail model, blending online shopping with 400+ physical stores, thrived with innovative strategies like hospital sampling and private labels like BabyHug.

Undeterred, Supam addressed logistics challenges in 2015, founding XpressBees. Today, it’s a logistics giant with operations in 3,000+ cities, handling 3 million deliveries daily for clients like PayTM and Xiaomi.

In 2021, GlobalBees emerged, co-founded by Supam and Nitin, swiftly achieving unicorn status by acquiring and scaling niche e-commerce brands.

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Supam’s journey unveils key insights:

  1. Identify overlooked consumer needs and gaps in the market.
  2. Adopt fiscal prudence for lean yet high-growth models.
  3. Innovate ahead of the curve.
  4. Partner with reliable co-founders for the long term.

Based in Pune, Supam defies the notion that startups must thrive in traditional hubs. His story epitomizes how innovation and strategic execution can yield extraordinary success, making disruption seem effortless.

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