Car Reselling Business


Car selling is a very good business you can start to start making real cool cash out there, it entails you selling cars and making commission from your sale.

The good thing is that you don’t need to buy or own the cars before you can sell

How To Go About It.

There are many car dealers in your area that you can visit for business

  • Go ahead and visit them and request that they allow you to sell their cars for commission.
  • Agree on the price and commission percentage.
  • Take pictures of the cars
  • Upload the picture of the cars on your social media

Note: Focus on selling for one dealer alone.

Getting Started!

Create an Instagram account for your car business, upload a clear and premium picture of the cars on the Instagram account

What Next?
  • Put the price of the cars on social media and put Call to Action on it too.
  • Run an Instagram advertisement for it and target your location only
  • Make some sales, then Rinse and Repeat

Cost of Startup

The cost of starting a Car Reselling business is Zero, it only requires that you find good car dealers that give great commission on each car sale.

Marketing Strategies

Organic Method: Organic Marketing strategy is an effective method that allows you to grow organically, it helps to create awareness for your brand. Though it’s effective, it also takes time for one to see results.

You can build organic traffic through Quora, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Linkedin

This method is good to build a solid audience for your brand on Social media

Paid Advertising: If done correctly, this is the best method you can use to get sales for your business. Facebook/Instagram and Youtube advertisements are the best to create awareness for your business.

Tips: Use both organic and paid marketing for your Car Reselling Business for better results.

Pros and Cons: eBook Packaging is a very lucrative business, but requires that you put in the effort that is needed.

Estimated Monthly Revenue: Depending on the number of sales you get monthly, this business has the potential of making you at least $800 to 1000 monthly.

Let’s do a simple calculation

$250 commission X 4 buyers monthly = $1000 in sales

Estimated Monthly Cost: You should budget at least $200 for advertisement if you want to see great results.


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