From Intuition to Innovation: How Oghoghozino is Building Aggital Works for the Digital Age.

Tell us a bit about you

My name is Oghoghozino Otefia, I’m the founder of Aggital Works, a leading digital agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

What motivated you to get started with Aggital Works?

 Oh well, starting Aggital was a clear leading from God, as it all started with an intuition which was basically the need to transform businesses, organizations, and humanity in general to thrive in the digital age. As we know, the digital age is coming and businesses, organizations, or even individuals who do not stay abreast with the move of the digital age will eventually become redundant.

I remember sometime in 2008, I had an Oceanic bank account now Eco bank, and whilst I go there to make a deposit or withdrawal, I see about 15 “teller guys” who take the withdrawal/deposit slip to process them. But now, on average, we have 5 “teller guys” in our banks. What exactly happened? The digital age did happen, and software replaced 5 persons. The digital age has come and anyone; businesses, organizations, and individuals who do not embrace the digital age either gets replaced or becomes redundant.

Hence the need to help humanity thrive in the digital age. Now, what motivated me to get started after this intuition came was the bigger picture, I saw which also forms part of my call in life.

Oghoghozino Otefia

What specific problem are you solving with your startup and how are you solving it?

Aggital Works is solving problems related to digital presence, marketing, technology adaptation, branding, and business growth. All our products and services are designed to help businesses thrive and gain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

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Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Honestly, the rich quality of our delivery. We never compromise on our standard of delivery, regardless of the kind of project. These have made our clients return thereby enabling great referrals.

Describe what makes your business unique.

Our uniqueness is attributed to our core values which are; Creative Innovation, Intelligent Design, and Timely Project Delivery. Every single project must answer to our core. Have we creatively innovated this client’s idea? Is the project design intelligent enough to compete globally? Is the delivery timely? We make sure all our projects fulfill these cores and that’s what has made us unique.

Oghoghozino Otefia

How did you fund your startup?
I say all the time that money is fuel. Funding can bootstrap your business a great deal. While starting Aggital, I clearly followed God’s leading and He made provisions when due. I applied for a CBN YEDP loan, which I was approved for 7 million Naira, but I eventually didn’t take the loan after the whole loan process because God told me He never instructed me to take the loan, so basically it has been savings and God’s provision that funds the business.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources for you?

For books, nah, I don’t read books like everyone else does. What I do is research thoroughly. When I discover I need enlightenment in a particular area, be it personal growth, business, or leadership, I research the subject or topic thoroughly and read various resources by great industry masters or key players in that subject. I have not read a book completely ever.

But I probably have read the concept or idea talked about in that book during my research.

What were the biggest challenges you faced and the obstacles you overcame?

Biggest challenge? I cannot think of one, as every single day, challenges come and my duty is to overcome those challenges, I practically see challenges as a growth path, so I have built ferocity and grit for challenges, so I’m halfway solving a challenge before I realize that was actually a challenge.

What is your greatest business achievement to date?

One I’d like to share is the acquisition of our own office space which has taken out the rent challenge for now, till we look to expand. More so, the fact that I can travel and the business will operate optimally is a great achievement as well.

Where would you like your startup to be in five years?

In the next 5 years, one of our goals is to have a physical presence in the western part of the world. Also, to have served a minimum of 100,000 businesses with our new digital product “Ushoppen – A digital storefront that equips you with the necessary tools to flawlessly grow and manage your business. Simplifying store creation, management, and expansion. With Ushoppen, you have the luxury of selling your products not only online but offline as well.

Hence, bridging the gap between the digital and physical retail worlds”

What software or technology has made the biggest difference to your business?

I’d say Microsoft and Google, as these giants have played and constantly play significant roles in our business.

What one thing do you wish someone had told you when you started on your business journey?

Very tricky question, but if I were told the “business world” isn’t a family affair, no friends, no family, no one has your interest at heart, all are competing to become industry leaders and are ready to kill some other businesses to achieve that goal, I’d probably have taken more grounds and moved way farther than where we currently at.

If you had the chance to do things differently, what would you do?

Get funding at every level, and hire the best of the best from inception as opposed to hiring friends and family due to poor financing.

Have you had any failed business?

Yes, a number of businesses have failed; Gospofy, Uwoeki, Instahandler, etc. These are some of my businesses that barely survived a year.

What are some sources for learning you would recommend for entrepreneurs who are just starting?

A great source of learning is finding a mentor in your industry who has walked the path you’re trying to thread. I tell you, in business, it is better to learn from other people’s experience than to learn from your own experience. It saves you time and money.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

Very candid advice from me to you:
One, serve in the same industry you look to have your business first before you launch out as that will help you understand the nitty-gritty of that industry as well as learn the possible ways to mitigate any supposed risks you might face.

Two, money is fuel, yeah, it’s what it is, get money as much as you can, you will need it.

Three; Never forget a quote from Oghoghozino Otefia – Work is not a curse; work has been instituted before the fall of man. God didn’t curse us to work because our first parent sinned against Him, No. Work has been done even before the fall.

Therefore, I beseech you, to please make “work” a lifestyle. When you have to get something done, get it done! You need to understand a concept or an idea or whatever and do the work required to understand that concept or idea. Never forget that Work is not a curse, work has been instituted before the fall of man.

One business app and one personal app you can’t do without?


Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

Not at the moment. When we have openings, we share on our social media pages which is @aggital on all social media platforms, while I’m @oghoghozino_ on  Instagram.

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