Founder Profile: Damilola Daniel Nejo

Damilola Daniel Nejo is a Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, and Content Creator. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Presidential Ideas; a full-on, London-based digital marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs and businesses to put their products and services in front of the right people and turn those people into “engaged customers”.

In 2017, he got endorsed by the UK Government as a world-leading exceptional talent in digital technology for his work in the space and the potential growth his work and brand will bring to the UK digital economy.

Damilola Daniel Nejo is now synonymous with content and digital marketing (paid ads).

Damilola Daniel Nejo
How He Started

Damilola started off as a graphics designer at the age of 19 back in Lagos, Nigeria after he had just graduated from University. He needed to start doing something so as not to be forced to find a job.

So, he chose graphics design and was providing design services to a few people until he stumbled on Fiverr back in 2013. This allowed him to get a constant flow of clients all over the world.

As time went on, he decided to add some skills to his arsenal.

So, he learned how to design websites with WordPress. He didn’t have the time luxury of learning code from scratch, WordPress was an option for him to be able to create high-quality websites without writing a line of code.

He slowly became a one-stop shop for design and branding.

Damilola was inspired to start Presidential Ideas because as a young 19-year-old fresh out of University, he was scared about living that “regular life”. That fear of the “normal and average life” created the entrepreneur in him.

At the moment, he’s more into content creation, digital marketing, and customer acquisition.

Obstacles and Future Plans

Damilola has a stutter, and this was something that could have deterred him from being an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, there’s always the need to speak to clients, pitch your ideas, and you need to be a good speaker and know how to use words, but this was a challenge to him.

However, instead of hiding behind his speech impediment, he chose to do the opposite. He created videos, made Skype calls with clients; he did things that the average stammered would run from.

His goal for the future revolves around digital education. He has started this via his online university, Nejo University.

He intends to create the most robust digital education platform on various practical digital skills for the consumption of the masses.

His Recommended Books

Read His Ful Story Here: How I Started Off as a Graphics Designer to Getting Endorsed by the UK Government

Awards and Recognitions
  • World-leading exceptional talent in digital technology in 2017 by the UK Government
His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

His simple advice is this:

Don’t do what you love, do what makes money first.

You can connect with Daniel Nejo on Linkedin.

Learn more about Presidential Ideas on their website

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