Founder Profile: Azeez Makinde

Azeez Makinde is a Blogger, Online Entrepreneur, and businessman. He is the Founder and CEO of Naijaloaded; the most visited online platform that delivers hot Nigerian Music, Video, Entertainment Gist, and News Contents on a daily basis to Nigerians Home and Abroad.

Azeez Makinde
How He Started

Makinde started Naijaloaded in the era of free browsing. Internet was so expensive then, so he decided to create Naijaloaded, where people could get access to free, working browsing cheats and tricks.

He usually uses a forum then to get these browsing cheats, but getting these in a forum was stressful because everybody just drops their opinions, so you may get there and see something that’s not working, or start opening multiple pages before you see something that actually works,

So, he took it upon himself that instead of making people waste time going through forums, he should create a blog where he’ll put tested and working browsing cheats.

While the forum was gathering more traffic than Naijaloaded, Naijaloaded was getting more success stories. So, this was how people started to know about Naijaloaded.

When Makinde saw that the era of free browsing was going, he created a music website. He then noticed that the music website was battling with the cheat blog, and since the era of free browsing was going, he decided to cancel the cheat blog and direct the traffic to the music blog.

At that time, when other music websites post a song, people would able to listen to it, but not download it, but he was able to develop a hack that enabled people to be able to download a song on Naijaloaded, not just listen to it only.

It took 3 years for other music websites to know about this, but by then, all their users were already used to Naijaloaded.

And that was how Naijaloaded became an all-round Entertainment platform.


At a point, Naijaloaded had a lot of traffic, but having a reliable to contain it was a big problem. So they had to be working at night when the traffic would have reduced.

But now, they’ve been able to get a reliable server, that even in the afternoon, when the traffic is at its peak, they are still able to post.

As a music platform, Copyright is also a big deal for them.

Also, thinking of what content to write can also be a challenge. As Makinde will say, writing the article isn’t the problem but what to write.

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His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you want to go far, you need to follow your own instincts, not what people will say.

In life, you need to make decisions that will influence your own life, not what people will think about you, because whether you do it or you don’t do it, they’ll still laugh.

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Learn more about Naijaloaded on their website.

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