Founder Profile: Wisdom Chidozie Ezimah

Wisdom Chidozie is the CEO and Founder of BingPay; a mobile payments platform which he started in April 2021.

He’s from Abia State, but resides in Port Harcourt.

What is BingPay All About?

What Wisdom is trig to do is to solve Africa’s payment problem; to allow users to make every kind of payment in just one app.

The products they have at BingPay are to allow users to send money and to also pay for a lot of stuff.  You can buy airtime, data, gift cards, pay for utility bills, etc.

They also offer a virtual card you can use to make purchases for things not listed on BingPay.

Obstacles and Future Plans

The major challenge Wisdom is facing right now is regulations.

He’s working on allowing users to send money in Dollars via cryptocurrency, but he can’t do that because of the CBN ban.

There was also a time when all BingPay accounts got frozen; the banks said they were running so many transactions and were requesting CBN licensing.

In a bid to solve this issue, BingPay partnered with Providus Bank to back them up via licensing as they currently do not have enough resources for it.

One of his business goals is maximizing the wide range of supported countries available on BingPay.

He also hopes to make API available on BingPay for other Fintech firms to be able to use to build amazing products.

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His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Try to make yourself different a little bit.

Learn more about BingPay on their website.

You can also download the app on Playstore and IOS Store.

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