Founder Profile: Adewale Adedamola

Adewale Adedamola is the Founder of Aorthar; a design agency.

Damola is a graduate of Agriculture from the University of Ilorin.

Adewale Adedamola
How He Started

When Damola started, he wanted Aorthar to be a training hub for the next generation of designers. He wanted to model it like Andela which is for Software Developers.

In his university days, he organized little trainings, and he figured he was good at teaching, hence why he decided to create a brand centered on training people to become designers.

So, he started with two other people – a Developer and a Content Writer.

They then launched their website then.

They started by offering their individual services so as to generate cash to be able to build the hub they were planning to build; so that by the time they generate enough cash, they could then venture into teaching people.

That was the initial plan for starting up Aorthar.


The first challenge he faced was Capital. Another challenge is also Human Resource.

Government Policy is also another challenge for him as there was a time his clientele base consisted of mostly crypto guys, but with the government clamping down on crypto, that has also impacted him.

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His Word of Advice to New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You need plan A, you need plan B, you need plan C.

You need to be very innovative.

You need to keep learning. Learn from people that have failed, not people that have succeeded.

Be courageous; don’t give up; fail; enjoy the chaos.

Don’t be afraid at all, just enjoy the process, you are still very young.

Don’t waste your time; time is very valuable. This is not time to party, this is the time to learn.

You can connect with Damola on Twitter and also his Website.

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