Build Laser Target Whatsapp Audience With This Growth Hacking Strategies.

Let’s paint a very simple scenario that works every time.

Imagine having about 6,000 targeted WhatsApp contacts on your phone and half the contacts are checking your WhatsApp status daily. Imagine you have an amazing offer, and only 1% is buying from you.

This is not a rocket science, it’s just a simple method people are using to rake in some cool sales for their products.

What’sApp Marketing is by far a very profitable method of Growth Hacking Sales, and in this guide, i will be showing you how you can implement this method too.


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Run a 1k daily targeted Facebook advertisement, and direct it to your WhatsApp.

Make sure you are giving out an irresistible offer.

You will see a lot of prospective customers flooding your WhatsApp daily. 

Please have the energy to keep saving those contacts on your phone so you can keep pushing out content to them on your WhatsApp.

With this strategy, you will keep making sales and also keep building your audience, and as such, you will become an authority in what you do.

Look, this is a powerful, simple Growth Hacking strategy that works 100000%.


I see some so-called gurus out there telling people to join several WhatsApp groups and scoop or scrape all the phone numbers and save them using some tools.

As someone who wants to build engagement and authority in your niche, that is not a smart thing to do

I tried it a few weeks back, and I ended up getting people selling Expertnaire on my WhatsApp status. 

  • When you scrape people’s numbers and send them messages, no one will take you seriously.
  • You are doing what others are doing and as such, you are saving people’s number who are doing exactly what you are doing.
  • You won’t be seen as an authority in your niche

Do it the right way, and you will surely get result.

This is Growth Hacking, and it works every single time.



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