At Just 19 Years Old, Founder of Raidonnews Raises $61K for Next-Level PR and Marketing

Raidonnews, the PR and marketing firm founded by Sameer Satyarth, has recently secured funding from V & E Consulting Group Ltd. The company received an investment of $61,000, with an investor’s equity of 15%. Raidonnews had a pre-money valuation of $345,141 and a post-money valuation of $405,971. Sameer Satyarth embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 14 and founded Raidonnews in 2018.

With over four years of experience in the field, Sameer has honed his skills in the press release and public relations, social media marketing, digital marketing, web development, blogging, search engine optimization, graphics designing, HR operations, and leadership.


Raidonnews is a venture that focuses on promoting people, goods, and services. The team aims to promote anything from scratch and make it a brand by increasing its social media presence. Unlike many big players in the PR and marketing field, Raidonnews does not just cover the big celebrities and influencers but also someone who is very less known and wants to grow. Doing PR for those who are not at all known is a bigger task than promoting someone who is already known. And the biggest gap that Raidonnews is filling in the market is “Charges”.

Unlike other PR companies, Raidonnews understands the client’s needs and problems and charges the least amount from them to promote them. Raidonnews has already delivered its services to more than 1500 clients. Startups, new goods, new services, and new people often face the biggest problem of marketing and promotion.

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Due to a lack of funds, they are prone to failure. However, Raidonnews picks all these small businesses, people, goods, and services from scratch and promotes them with the least charges. Raidonnews believes in empathy more than business and aims to promote each and every kind of people, good, and service to give them a fair chance of growth.

Sameer Satyarth is proud of his achievements and the growth of his ventures. He believes that his experience can be of great value to his college and its students and would be grateful for any guidance and support.

With the recent funding from V & E Consulting Group Ltd, Raidonnews is well-positioned to continue its mission of promoting and supporting startups and small businesses.

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