5 Content Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Employ

If you are operating a startup or a new entrepreneurial project and you are struggling to scale it, having a powerful content marketing strategy is a must.

Creating and distributing good content helps to drive traffic, leads, sales, as well as increase brand awareness. The premise behind it is very simple. You write engaging content that your audience loves, this directs them to your website/online store and they become loyal fans/customers.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to stand out using content marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started.


Customers like anything that’s useful to them. They are not interested in reading endless social media posts or filling out online surveys in return for a discount they might never use. They would much rather read content that educates and informs them.

Focus on creating content that offers great value. It can either be educative, informative or entertaining.

It’s always important to get your customer to like and trust your brand, and if you are always too salesy with your posts, they won’t really “feel” you.


Images and videos can help hold readers’ attention and help convey your message.

Use high resolution product images, or embed a beneficial video for users to view. Any type of multimedia addition to your content will help users stay interested and increase your overall content quality.


Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc are undoubtedly the most powerful digital marketing platforms out there. Having an observable presence on each of these social platforms and sharing new marketing content is an excellent opportunity for your startup to enter the global market.

Publishing posts, boosting engagement, monitoring audiences – social media management can easily become an overwhelming aspect of your job. However, there are many social media management tools out there that can ease up this aspect for you.

You can read our article on 10 mobile tools to help you create a great brand to help you with this.


Your content marketing strategy won’t work if you defy Google’s guidelines. It is important that you invest in SEO to make sure that any content you produce finds an audience. There is little point writing a fabulous content if Google buries it on page 1,111.

Pay close attention to keywords and invest in good quality content. Keep an eye on Google guidelines, and if they release any new updates to their search algorithms, be aware that you may need to make changes to your strategy.


Some businesses create a thorough content marketing strategy but likely let many potential clients/customers pass by because they forget to include calls to action (CTAs). Include easy ways to communicate with your organization in your material, whether it’s by Email, WhatsApp or visiting your Website through external publications.

Make sure your CTAs are generously sprinkled throughout your content, but not enough to annoy and deter any marketing message.


Content marketing is trending and it doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. If you are looking for ways to improve your startup’s reputation, you should focus on improving your startup blog and other social media profiles.

Create and promote content that appeals to the right audience. Content marketing is a great way to grow your startup

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