5 Best Crowdfunding Sites to Fund Your Business Ideas in Nigeria

Crowdfunding sites also known as fundraising sites are websites that enable people to raise money for their projects or businesses from a large number of people who find such projects or businesses interesting.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to fund their business ideas.

When an entrepreneur is involved in crowdfunding, the person generally utilizes the Internet to solicit funding for a specific business idea.

Here are the top crowdfunding sites to get funding for your ideas in Nigeria:


Kickstarter is arguably the most popular crowdfunding site.

It is important to note that Kickstarter runs an all or nothing system. This means if at the end of the fundraising, you do not get the amount needed to start the project, you will not get any of the money, it will be returned to the supporters. But if you meet the amount needed, then you get it.

Kickstarter charges a fee of 5% which excludes payment processing.


Indiegogo is a very popular crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter but with notable differences. This platform helps businesses, creative people, NGOs, and others raise funds to support their projects.

One amazing option in Indiegogo is the opportunity to choose a fixed or flexible funding goal. The fixed funding is like Kickstarter’s all or nothing: if you do not raise the amount of money needed to start the project at the end of fundraising, you get nothing. But the flexible funding option allows you to get the fund whether you meet your goal or not.

Indiegogo charges a fee of 5% which excludes payment processing.


NaijaFund is a crowdfunding platform that empowers everyone and enables people to raise funds for anything including business. NaijaFund removes the physical barriers traditionally associated with receiving financial support from the people in our lives or those that wish to support it.

The platform allows users to connect their account with social media networks where they can easily ask for funds from friends, family, friends of friends, community leaders, pastors, and others.

While it’s free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, NaijaFund will deduct a 10% fee from each donation that you receive.


Crowdfunder is an equity crowdfunding site that provides funds for high growth ventures. The platform has a network of over 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors. In addition to that, Crowdfunder educates thousands of entrepreneurs to grow high-impact ventures.


If you are an entrepreneur or startup with an innovative idea but in need of funding, Imeela can help you create a great crowdfunding campaign to help get your ideas off the ground. Besides that, they also provide strategies that will help you kickstart your business.


Crowdfunding sites are a good way to raise money for your ideas. If you have a good idea and no funds, instead of giving up, you can actually do something about it by using these platforms to raise funds.

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